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5380 Suite D Hwy 70 W. Morehead City, NC

United Medical Credit

Accept All Insurances

In network with most insurances

Best Equipment & Technology

Kids-friendly chairs and laser whitening / treatment

Great Location

Right off major Highway 70


Spanish, Chinese, and English available.
massage chair


  1. World’s best massage chair and Laughing gas to relax and sooth anxiety.
  2. All-digital X-rays to help minimize radiation exposure (up to 90% less than traditional X-rays).
  3. Online booking and insurance plans available.
  4. Warm water utilized for cleaning appointments to minimize sensitivity to cold.
  5. Wireless access throughout the office for your laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc.
  6. Dinosonair pedo chair with gaming system and 3D entertainment.
  7. Paperless information technology that enhances your personal information security.
  8. Laser treatment in office whitening.
  9. Flat screen TV’s in all operator’s.
  10. Trusted professional, veteran owned and operated.